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Micro SD 1TB Memory Card microSD for Phone & PC

Micro SD 1TB Memory Card microSD for Phone & PC

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Video Speed Class: V30

Application Performance Class: NONE

Application: High Speed Read and Write

Application: Mobile Phone

Application: Tablet

Application: NOTEBOOK

Application: Tachograph

Application: Camera

Application: Monitoring

Application: Speakers

Application: Digital Devices

Application: Robot

Application: UAV

Application: File Storage

Application: Others

Class Level: C10

UHS Level: U3

Type: TF / Micro SD Card

Read/Write Speed: 200X

Certification: NONE

SD Type: microSDXC

capacity: 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB

micro sd card: micro sd 128gb,micro sd 32gb,micro sd 64gb,micro sd 256gb

micro sd: micro sd 512gb,micro sd 1TB

memory card: memory card 32 gb,memory card 64 gb,memory card 128 gb

sd card: memory card 512 gb,memory card 1TB,memory card 256 gb

flash card: flash card micro sd

sdcard: sd card 32gb,sd card 128gb,sd card 64gb

tf card: micro sd memory card

microSD: mini sd

carte memoire micro sd: carte sd 32 gb,carte sd 64 gb,carte sd 128 gb

1.used for: cell phone tablet

2.used for: cameras computer

3.used for: smartphone car navigation

4.used for: camcorders pc MAC

5.used for: digital SLR camera notebook

micro sd card adapter: Micro SD to SD Card for camera

Card Reader: Can be used as a usb flash drive for phone/Computer

Size: 15*11*1mm

lexar micro sd: card memory

lexar memory card: card sd memory

Brand: one of samsung evo plus,sandisk ultra,sandisk extreme pro,lexar

TF633X Speed: up to 100M/70M

TF1066X Speed: up to 160M/120M

TF Play Speed: up to 150M


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